Axe Throwing Terminology

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You may look like a newbie as you learn to throw an axe accurately but you don’t have to sound like a newbie. 

While we are participating in any activity, being able to sound like you know what you are doing multiplies the fun and your confidence. We put together a list of the correct terms for what you will encounter when you enter an ax-throwing arcade.

Axe Throwing Terminology – Venue:

  1. Arena: a set of four ax-throwing targets.
  2. Lane: a setup from throwing a block to target.
  3. Perimeter Wall: the wall that separates throwers from spectators.
  4. Fencing: The fencing that partitions/separates the lanes from one another as well as the outside social area.
  5. Target: five boards screwed to a backboard with four-point areas.
  6. Backboard: plywood backing that supports the mounted target boards.
  7. Block: a small block that some throwers may place on the black line to position their lead foot while throwing (similar to the piece of tape a basketball coach will put on a free throw line to help his players line up their sights).
  8. Helmet: there is a lower and an upper helmet on each lane. The upper is made of high-density rubber and the lower is made of wood mounted below the target. Helmets protect axe heads from damage on a missed throw.
  9. The Red Throwing Line: the standard throwing line where players position themselves for throwing. 

Axe Throwing Terminology – Equipment:

  1. Axe: the instrument used in all standard ax-throwing competition.
  2. Big Axe: the full-size felling axe used for tiebreakers. Big axes are 2.5 pounds with a 27-28 inch wooden handle.
  3. Head: the metal blade portion of the axe.

Axe Throwing Terminology – Competition:​

  1. Match: also sometimes referred to as a game, is a set of two rounds totaling 10 throws.
  2. Round: one set of 5 throws.
  3. Drop: an axe that does not remain sticking in the target, and falls out before being retrieved, resulting in 0 points.
  4. Out of reach: a match or round that can not be won by any throw value
  5. Rubber Match: a match in which the third round of throwing determines the match winner (i.e. third match played when the first two rounds are tied).
  6. Perfect Round:  occurs in which all five throws are bull’s-eyes, totaling 25 points.
  7. Perfect Match: occurs when the total score of a match totals 75. 


Now, of course, there will be a few minor differences if you go to different axe throwing recreation centers. Maybe the different color of the tape is used for the throwing lines and things like that. These are very widely used terms however and will help you impress those you throw with. 

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