Let’s Get Competitive

By April 3, 2019Uncategorized

Let’s Get Competitive


   Everything seems to be stressful these days so no wonder Axe Throwing is a leading leisure activity in the leisure market! In a Forbes article, London Putshack cites a study about the different sections of entertainment and leisure. Putshack notes that the leading section of the market is competitive socializing.

   Sometimes it’s hard to keep going at work or school or at home when we take too many losses, so we are here to bring back the win in your life. And apparently, it’s pretty well received! The competitive socializing concept occupies 32.1% of the leisure concepts, comfortably ahead of its competitors.

   So you guys like to be crowned victorious over your friends, huh? No wonder we are so popular!

   All this is to say that we are doing something right! We are here to give you the angst relief that you want and need and we will oblige any (safe) destruction activities and all axe throwing shenanigans that you all want! Take your team to phat axe for some fun, competitive team building activities. Let’s get throwing, huh?