What will you find in the Phat Smash Room?

By January 29, 2020Uncategorized

There are many reasons you might want to visit our Phat Smash It room. The possibilities are endless. Here we wanted to give you a list of things you could do when you enter anger management, I mean the Phat Smash It room. 

1. Glass bottles

Remember when you were little and you knocked over your mom’s favorite vase? The scary sound of the glass breaking and instant guilt? Well put your guilt aside, with the Phat Smash It room there isn’t space to feel bad, only feel the satisfaction of smashing glass bottles. With buckets of glass bottles, you can get creative with how you smash them. Throw it against the wall? Use a hammer? You decide. 

2. Electronics

Ah, technology, you love it when it works properly but you hate it when it doesn’t. For your inspiration imagine you stayed up all night typing a report or assignment just to have the power go out and you lose all your work. Angry right? Use that anger and come to the Phat Smash It Room. There are a couple of different packages that we offer here at Phat Axe that include electronics that you can smash. We have had people come in and smash multiple items including TVs, computers, and printers. Oh, and we may or may not take out the ink of the printer. Don’t worry we are sure to give you the proper safety wear and googles. 

3. Furniture

Instead of putting our old dressers or desks on Facebook Marketplace we have found a new way to “repurpose them”. Walking into the room after you ordered the Venom package you will see a nice little office space including a computer, lamp, printer, monitor, and plant. When you walk out it’ll be nearly unidentifiable. Also, you would be surprised by the damage you can do to that lovely couch from the 1970s with a baseball bat and a crowbar. 

4. Bring your own box (BYOB)

Just like your reason for visiting the Phat Smash it room is are nearly endless, so are the possibilities for what to bring with you are. Your old framed pictures of your ex-girlfriend, an old printer, computer or even your old dolls (or your “collectible action figures collection”). As long as one person can carry the box or bag of goodies into the room you can go crazy and smash it to pieces for your personal enjoyment. 

We mentioned in previous articles the benefit of smash objects inside the Phat Smash It room, hopefully, with this article, you will be able to expand your creativity in how you are going to relieve your stress in a new destructive manner.